Specialty Fertilizer Ingredients

Molybdenum is the least abundant essential micronutrient found in plant tissues.  Molybdenum is utilized by selected enzymes to carry out redox reactions.  It helps convert nitrate to nitrite and then to ammonia before it is converted into amino acids.  The enzymes are critical for nitrogen metabolism and the synthesis of specific phyto-hormones. It is not known how plants pull molybdenum in through the roots, but foliar sprays will aid in reducing a deficiency.  As the soil solution becomes more alkaline, the MoO4- becomes more available. Molybdenum defiency in plants show leaf mottling, leaf cupping, grey tinting and flared leaves.

Diatomaceous earth helps absorb excess water allowing the soil to dry.  There is some evidence that the absorbent properties of diatomaceous earth make it an excellent way to bind newly applied fertilizer and then to slowly release the fertilizer as the diatomaceous earth is broken down. Diatomaceous earth has also been shown to help reduce the leaching of fertilizer from the soil.

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Diatomaceous EarthORGANIC
– Particle Forms: Powder, Fine Granular
– Packaging Sizes: 25 lb, 50 lb, 1000 lb

Sodium Molybdate
– 39.6% Molybdenum (Mo)
– Dihydrate
– Particle Form: Powder
– Packaging Sizes: 25 kg, 100 lb, 200 lb, 250 lb

– Particle Form: Mini-Granular

– Particle Form: Mini-Granular