Manganese In Fertilizer

Manganese is critical for the photosynthesis process which converts sunlight into plant energy. Manganese plays a role in building carbohydrates and metabolizing nitrogen, especially in corn.  Manganese is released into the soil through microbial action. The availability of manganese is affected by soil pH, and the amount of organic material in the soil. The ideal pH is 5.0-6.5.  If microbial activity is slow, manganese will not be released and it cannot be utilized.

Manganese is immobile in the plant, so deficiency shows up in the young leaves with a yellowing between the veins. Soybeans, wheat, barley, and oats have a high manganese requirement. Corn has a medium manganese requirement. The manganese requirement in the soil is 10-25 ppm.  If the soil is deficient, it will result in a 5-7 bu. /acre loss in soybeans and 3-5 bu. /acre in corn.

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Manganese SulfateORGANIC
– 32% Manganese (Mn)
– Monohydrate
– Particle Forms: Powder, Miniprill, Granular
– Packaging Sizes: 25 kg, 1000 kg

Manganese Nitrate
– 15% Manganese (Mn)
– Particle form: Crystals-Highly Soluble

Manganese Carbonate
– 44% Manganese (Mn)
– Particle Form: Powder