Copper In Feed

Copper is an essential trace mineral for animals and is needed for body, bone and wool growth, pigmentation of skin and hair, healthy nerve fibers and white blood cell function.  Critical during pregnancy as deficiency will result in weak newborns and fetal loss.  Ingestion of high levels of molybdenum and/or sulfur can induce a copper deficiency in an animal.  Copper sulfate is used as a growth promoter in growing swine and is used to destroy specific bacteria in the GI tract of the small pig.

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Copper SulfateORGANIC
– 25.2% Copper (Cu)
– Pentahydrate
– Particle Form: Powder
– Packaging Size: 50 lb, 2000 lb

Copper CarbonateORGANIC
– 56% Copper (Cu)
– Particle Forms: Powder, Miniprill