Boron In Fertilizer

Boron is the most deficient micronutrient in most soils. Boron helps with nitrogen fixation in legumes and is involved in the strengthening and forming of plant cell walls. Boron cannot be moved by the plant, so there needs to be a continual source of boron at the root level for continued absorption as boric acid. Boron uptake is very critical to the plant prior to flowering. Soybeans respond to boron fertilizer with increased grain yield. The quality of the boron utilized is critical as low quality boron will not get the boron converted to boric acid and to the roots where it will be absorbed. Boron stimulates soybeans to increase root growth, stimulates increased root nodule development which results in more flowers, increased number of pods and bean yield.

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– 15% Boron (B)
– Ulexite
– Particle Form: Granular
– Packaging Sizes: 50 lb, 1800 lb, 2000 lb

– 21% Boron (B)
– Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT)
– Soluble
– Particle Form: Powder
– Packaging Size: 25 lb

Borax Pentahydrate
– 15% Boron (B)
– Particle Form: Crystal
– Packaging Sizes: 25 kg, 1000 kg

– 10.5% Boron (B)
– Hydroboracite
– Particle Form: Granular