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Metal Market update


April brings more of the same with increased World Zinc metal inventories.  Supply of finished material in the Zinc Sulfate market is tight with fertilizer products fighting for production time with feed grade material.  This high demand for Fertilizer products will continue in to May.

Zinc Nacional has started to run their new fluid bed dryer with some very nice results.   I look for pricing to be steady for both Zinc Oxide and Zinc Sulfate going into the summer.  Long term it sound like China’s demand will increase for several micro ingredients and this may affect sales into North America.  The experts talk about the price of Zinc Ore going up as much as 50% over the next 5 years.

I would not let my inventories run to short on ZNSO4  for the next few month, due to a 2 to 3 week lead time for products and of  course the trucking issues out of Laredo.





Erachem has come out of their shut down and are producing products again.  With inventories low on finished products after coming out of the shut down and high demand for both feed and fertilizer material this has caused a major shortage.  Fertilizer season is currently going on and should be winding down soon and this will give some relief to production for the feed customers.  I would allow 4 to 6 week lead time for orders out of Mexico. Also remember the trucking issues coming out of Laredo, so please plan ahead on your orders.



Copper metal continues to bounce around.   Currently we are flat on copper pricing to the market but this can change at any time.  I expect long term pricing to continue up.  Copper is another one those items I would not let my inventory run down to nothing before ordering.  Again Transportation issues to and from the border could be an issue for the next few months out of Laredo.



The market pricing continues to stay strong.  There are several new suppliers of Iodine; however there are more and more usages for Iodine and this continues to keep prices high.  I believe this may be the new norm for pricing for a while.  Supplies are better and I would not be afraid to buy a month or two of my needs at a time.



This market is showing some strength at least short term.   Long term I think pricing will be flat coming into the summer months.  I do expect a increase at least short term, I would not go out any more than a month at a time for now.


Sodium Selenite has been hard to get the past month but pricing has stayed flat.   I expect to see Selenium’s to start back up in cost in the near future.  Not a bad time to buy some inventory.  Prices are pretty good right now.


There is one thing that really is uncertain in all metals and that is the world Economy and the value of the dollar.   Since this is really a world market.

I really see no reason to take on any unnecessary inventory to get ahead of any pricing issues coming into the summer months.


Bill Anders


Nutrient Agri Products

Cell 402-690-2505

Office 402-502-4824



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